Microsoft Excel, SQL and Tableau

Within 3 months, you can specialize in data analysis, business intelligence and reporting, and open the door to the data world.

Mentor Support

You can ask your qestions and get technical assistance twice a week by video conversation with your mentor.

Curriculum Tracking

Complete the sections assigned by your mentor weekly, do your homework, get feedback.

Applied Projects

Develop projects at the end of each main section and expand your portfolio. Prove that you are a "Data Scientist" by completing graduation project

Flexible stuyding and office hours

You can study topics at your convenience with our comprehensive and organized content. Get immediate answers to your questions in office hours (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays).larınıza yanıt bulun.

Bootcamp Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Bootcamp work?
    • You access the curriculum through our online platform (which will be available unlimitedly with updates to the curriculum). A data science mentor will be assigned for you. Your mentor plans how to follow the curriculum and follows you through two online audio/video conferences. In these conferences: You are reviewing the material you are working on that week. You ask the problems encountered in the lessons and you find solutions together. Your mentor sets weekly goals and motivates you to progress at the required pace for graduation and decide how to proceed.

  • How is the curriculum content?
    • A very comprehensive curriculum awaits you. A curriculum that encompasses all the basic techniques and concepts needed in today’s world. Application and practice is in the foreground. The curriculum consists of chapters and lot of courses within each chapter. At the end of each lesson, hands-on exercises will be waiting for you. At the end of the main sections, you will have projects to do.

  • What additional support is available outside the curriculum?
    • Every two months, we will be organizing workshops that bring you together with professional data scientists. So, you will be able to see what is going on in the business world and ask questions to professionals

  • Who can participate in the Bootcamp?
    • Anyone interested in Data Science can attend bootcamp. You don’t even have to have any coding knowledge before. Bootcamp starts by teaching you coding with Python. The only need is enthusiasm. Since you set the time you can study on Bootcamp, it doesn’t matter if you’re working somewhere. Working students prefer to study and interview with own mentor in the evenings and weekends. There is a similar situation for students.

  • Is Graduation guaranteed?
    • No it is not! Your projects and presentations will be evaluated, you may be asked to develop or redo them if necessary. You must complete the bootcamp within the specified time. This is a motivation element for you.