Your ideas + Our expertise = Your Product

Our only focus is Data Science and we're here to help you get benefit of our expertise.

End to End Project Delivery

We can help your projects come alive from idea stage to production. With the help of our research capabilities in machine learning and our extensive experience in deploying machine learning services in production, we can handle your data related projects with our experienced researchers and engineers.

Corporate Trainings

We believe that our most valuable assets are the distilled curriculums we developed in Data Science. We can tailor our curriculums according to your needs and improve the technical competency of your staff with hands-on trainings in many fields of Data Science.

R&D Services

We're working with great minds in machine learning and deep learning. We can help your unique ideas to be realized with data. We handle the research phase of your projects and deliver viable machine learning models that address your needs.

Online Trainings

Don't worry if your staff is too busy. We arrange online live courses at your own convenience. Some corporations even choose this type of trainings to make their junior level hires gain extensive hands-on experience in Data Science. Online courses of duration 3 months is something common for us.

Some of Our Corporate Courses

Data Science and Machine Learning with Python

An end-to-end Data Science course that covers a complete treatment of Data Science pipeline. The course is accompanied by Python and its machine learning ecosystem. This is an indispensable training that introduces participants to the most up-to-date methods and techniques in today's data world.

Deep Learning with Python,Tensorflow and Keras

An extensive list of deep learning topics are covered with applications in TensorFlow and Keras. The course aims to make its participants develop applications in fields like computer vision, natural language processing, anomaly detection and cyber security using deep learning methods.

Introduction to Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2

The world of TensorFlow has come under a great transformation and TensorFlow is here with its new version. In this crash course, the basic deep learning concepts and models are presented with applications using the new version of TensorFlow. The course aims to explain how to write TensorFlow code using sequential and functional apis as well as how to efficiently use model subclassing.

Time Series with Python

Time series is a central topic in many fields including finance, predictive maintenance and anomaly detection. This course introduces the central concepts of time series with applications in Python. Methods presented contain various models from basic machine learning and econometrics to several deep learning algorithms.

Project-Based Machine Learning

Designed to provide "Machine Learning" capabilities to your organization's software development and R&D units, this course (or series of courses) targets to make your organization to offer commercial products and services supported by Machine Learning. This course is usually accompanied with consultancy.

Machine Learning Project Management

Do you want to establish a well functioning Machine Learning department that is working under the guidance of the best practices in managing Machine Learning projects? Then, this course addresses your needs. This course offers the best practices from data collection to cleaning, model selection, and putting your models into production and helps your organization to build the "Machine Learning" infrastructure in modern standards.

Machine Learning in Cyber Security

This course is designed for the cyber security departments. Topics covered includes how "Machine Learning" can be applied in critical areas such as threat intelligence, botnet detection and malware classification. This course is beneficial for organizations that want their cyber security units become competent in a field that can determine the future of cyber security.

Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark

This course covers how to analyze large amounts of data using Apache Spark. Topics covered include how to preprocess large amounts of data, how to visualize and analyze it and how to build machine learning models on large datasets. If your company has large amounts of structured or unstructured data in batch or streaming forms, then this course is for you.

Big Data Analytics with Dask

This course covers how to analyze large amounts of data using Dask. With its familiar apis from Pandas and NumPy, Dask is a good choice to jump start in big data analytics. Topics covered include how to use Dask in place of Pandas, NumPy as well as how to parallelize Scikit-learn models to run in distributed settings. If your company has large amounts of structured or unstructured data in batch or streaming forms, then this course is for you.