Corporate Trainings

We design tailor-made course contents specific to your company's needs. Our internationally proven expertise in Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is key in producing high quality and effective curriculums.

Consultancy Services

Our mastery of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is in your service. Our team of experts with proven track records in industrial applications can empower your Data Science projects while educating your staff during the project phase.

Online Bootcamps

We provide online bootcamp courses for those who want to pursue a career in Data Analysis, Data Science or Artificial Intelligence. With 1-on-1 mentorship, office hours and hands-on projects, you can be a data analyst or a data scientist within months.

We're here to help you walk through the data revolution.

Consultancy Services

We're your R&D partner in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. While we're working with you to succeed in your digital transformation, we also help your staff technically grow in every field related to data.

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Next Generation Trainings for Data Science and AI

Corporate Trainings

From basics of data science to specializations like natural language processing, time series, big data analytics and deep learning, we offer end-to-end courses.

With our carefully tailored curriculums, your staff can jump start in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Are your staff busy? No worries, we arrange online live courses at times of your preference. With extensive hands on exercises and projects, you can build up your company's Data Science workforce with us.

With 1-on-1 mentorship support.

Online Bootcamps

  • Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

    Microsoft Excel, SQL and Tableau…
    Within 3 months , you can specialize in data analysis, business intelligence and reporting, and open the door to the data world.

  • Data Science

    Are you ready to become a Data Scientist?
    You can give a new direction to your career with a 6-month bootcamp.
    The world of data science is waiting for you with our organized and comprehensive curriculum prepared with Python ecosystem.

  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (soon)

    It will soon be among our services.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Bootcamp

Duration3 Months

Explain the tools and methods used to improve organizational efficiency and solve problems by synthesizing technology and data.

Data Science Bootcamp

Duration6 Months

The concepts and models of modern data science and machine learning are taught with the fundamentals of programming and statistics; application and examples.

Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp (SOON)

Duration6 Months

With Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning, subjects and concepts are explained and applications are performed.

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